By Tiago José "Deicide" Galvão Moreira

Episode 1: The Coming of the Horde

           This is the year 583. It is a time of peace in the kingdom of Azeroth. However, a dark figure plots in the darkness, planning to bring murderouss, bloody-thirst beings into this world...

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EPISODE 1 Characters

Ur'aman The Voracious Gul'dan The Warlock Blackhand The Destroyer Sir Anduin Lothar Zion The Nethercaster
Kilrogg Deadeye Cho'gall The Ogre-Mage Teron Gorefiend Medivh


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Ur'aman The Voracious


           As his dark armor shows, Ur'aman is a ferocious warrior of the Shadowmoon clan. Being born during the dark times when the Horde was changing from a shamanistic society to a more brutal way of life, Ur'aman always showed more strength than many orclings of the same age. He was chosen at a very young age to be a Bonecrusher, a warrior trained to focus his strength in mighty feats during battle.

           His great deeds during the war against the Draenei people made Ur'aman an infamous warrior. The Shadowmoon chieftain, Ner'zhul, took him as one of his personal guards. Guided by his belief in the power and the destiny of the orcs, however, Ur'aman soon found a new master that could elevate the Horde to new heights: the Warlock Gul'dan.

           Under Gul'dan's guidance, Ur'aman became one of the greatest warriors under the command of the Shadow Council. His lustful acts, as well as his unlimited gluttony, earned him the title of "The Voracious".

           Ur'aman is now a firm supporter of the Shadow Council, which he believes will lead the Horde to greater glory. Due to its honor and commitment, Ur'aman earned the trust of Gul'dan himself, who uses the Bonecrusher only in the most vital missions.

Class: Bonecrusher (Strength hero)

Bonecrusher Skills:
Shockwave: By striking the ground with all his strength, a skilled Bonecrusher is able to produce a powerful shockwave to damage enemies ahead.

Battle Cry: Bonecrushers are trained to lead armies into battle, fighting in the frontline. Their warcries do more than just strengthen the troops: they damage and confuse enemies with the fury of the Bonecrusher.

Bash: Being trained to focus their strength, Bonecrushers are able to deal terrible blows against its enemies, not only increasing the damage dealt, but stunning the enemy as well.

Berzerk Frenzy (Ultimate): Bonecrushers aren't immortal, but they are trained to ignore wounds and fight to the death. In the middle of a battle, a Bonecrusher can just lose all the pain and release all the fury within his body, attacking savagely in an almost incontrolable state. In such a state, a Bonecrusher attacks and moves  faster than normal. This legendary berzerk ability is feared even among the Bonecrusher's companions, since a frenzied Bonecrusher knows no friends.

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Gul'dan The Warlock


           Shaman, Warlock, Necromancer, Summoner. There are very few orcish magical arts that Gul'dan have not studied. As a Shaman of the Shadowmoon clan, Gul'dan's prowess earned him respect and fear from even his teachers. His natural talent for channeling the cold, negative-energies of the Twisting Nether brought him notable standing amongst the other shamans, to the point that even Ner'zhul himself, the greatest Shaman and Chieftain of the Shadowmoon clan, decided to train the young orc.

           However, Gul'dan's desire for power was stronger than even Ner'zhul could imagine. He soon began to delve into the forbidden dark arts, forsaking the more natural magicks. He soon was approached by a being of tremendous power, the Daemon Kil'jaeden. Kil'jaeden revealed to Gul'dan the secrets of Warlock magic and taught him how to summon the dark beings that dwelled in the Twisting Nether. Gul'dan soon found evidence about the dark dealings of Ner'zhul and Kil'jaeden. Ner'zhul, however, proved to be weak and forsake the pact it made with the demon. Gul'dan, however, wishing to know more, selfishly bargained the destiny of the Horde in exchange for more power...

           Thus, through Gul'dan's hands, the corruption of the orcs truly began. Slowly, the warlock magics, once so rare, began to spread like a disease, while the shamanistic legacies of the Horde were slowly being forgotten. Gul'dan reunited the greatest Warlocks and, with them, created the Shadow Council, a dark cult that slowly corrupted the clans and spread the demonic curse among the orcs. From a wise, shamanistic heritage, the orcs became a bloodlusted, rampaging race dedicated to war. Soon the Shadow Council discovered that this new Horde could not be as easily controlled as they once believed. They needed to control the fury of the Horde through war. Thus began the great wars agains the Draenei people.

           As the Draenei were decimated, the Horde soon found no other great enemies. Being the supreme rulers of their ruined, corrupted world, the orcs soon began to fight among themselves.

           Seeking ways to maintain the control over the Horde, Gul'dan knew that only new war could unite once again the orcs. The world of Draenor had no more challenges... However, in his dreams, Gul'dan would soon find a new world to conquer...

Class: Shadow Councillor (Intelligence Hero)

Shadow Councillor Skills:
Carrion Swarm:
By channeling the demonic energies of warlock magic, a Shadow Councillor summons a horde of bats and vermin and charge them with negative energies, releasing it as a powerful wave of destruction. Though the wave cannot harm structures, it can cause severe damages to any enemy in its path.

Reanimation: Since Gul'dan was the founder of the Necrolyte cults, he brought many necromantic secrets for the Shadow Council. A skilled Shadow Councillor is able to use this knowledge to animate nearby corpses, forcing them to fight for him.

Brilliance Aura: By attuning himself with the Twisting Nether, a Shadow Councillor can constantly drain the dark energies of the underworld, thus replenishing his own reserves of magical power.

Doom (Ultimate): By offering a living sacrifice, the Shadow Councillor can call for the mortal realm one of the demons from legends. The sacrifice must be a living being, but it can be friend or foe. Once summoned, the demon will do the warlock's bidding, but won't return to the nether realms before he can cause destruction and sorrow in the mortal realm.

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Blackhand The Destroyer


           As one of the greatest orc heroes in the war against the Draenei people, Blackhand The Destroyer received fame and fortune, and as such became an almost legendary example among his clan, the powerful Thunderlords. Being an Elite Raider of the Sythegore Arm, his physical abilities are considerable, but his greatest characteristic is his greed. Blackhand, unlike many Raiders who still cling to their honor and noble heritage, would not hesitate to sell his soul in exchange for power.

           It is this greed that made Blackhand such a known hero, as he often claimed other's successes as his own. He even killed many of his companions in order to seize their conquests for himself. Somehow, his path crossed with Ur'aman's during the Draenei Wars, and they both hate each other to this day. No one knows for sure what happened, but Ur'aman would not hesitate to kill Blackhand should he had the chance.

           Through Ur'aman, however, Blackhand's true nature was discovered by Gul'dan. Altough the mighty Warlock still does not know how, he knows that Blackhand will be a useful pawn in the future. Blackhand cannot imagine for now what destiny holds for him...

Class: Elite Raider (Agility Hero)

Elite Raider Abilties:
Like other Raiders, Elite Raiders carry wheightened nets to bind targets to the ground.

Elite Raider Skills:
Hurl Boulder:
Although Raiders use great blades that are meant to cause great damage in structures, the Elite Raiders prefer lighter, swifter blades. The blades are their main weapom, but in order to harm a distant or flying opponent, they have learnt how to throw great stones at great distances, using all of their strength. This attack not only seriously harms the target, but stuns him as well.

Battle Roar: An Elite Raider is more than just another warrior in battle. They are elite warriors, and their presence means that the current battle is a very dangerous one. Elite Raiders learn how to raise the troops' morale with its vicious warcries, making them feel stronger and more resilient. 

Frenzy Aura: Being known as great leaders, the presence of an Elite Raider is enough to turn the orcs under their command into frenzied beasts that revel in destruction and death. It is as if, with each successful blow, the orcs under the Raiders' command became stronger.

Cleaving Attack (Ultimate): The great swords of the Elite Raiders have their enormous size for a reason that goes beyond just intimidate enemies. A skilled Raider can use his sword to strike multiple opponents  in a  single blow, causing full damage to all of them.

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Sir Anduin Lothar


           As one of the great Crusaders of the Brotherhood of the Horse, Anduin Lothar was trained in the arts of fighting with both sword and hammer, mounted or unmounted. With his great courage and loyalty to Azeroth, he soon became one of the most respected knights of Azeroth. He fought in the Red Ridge War and his strength was legendary. Now, in his forties, the great knight is one of the guardians of Stormwind Keep itself and one of the king's most trusted advisors.

           Lothar was present when, in the year of 577, Medivh came to Stormwind during the Ascension Cerimony of Prince Llane. Three years have passed since that event, but Lothar still believes that somehow that day would represent the beginning of the fall of Azeroth...

Class: Crusader (Strength Hero)

Crusader Skills:
Stormbolt: During the Red Ridge War, the troops of Azeroth allied with a few dwarven militias of the north to defeat the renegade Azerothien who planned to overthrow King Wrynn and take the crown of Azeroth. These dwarves tauch the technique of throwing hammers against distant foes, both damaging and stunning them. Since them, the Crusaders have been using this skill in battle.

Divine Shield: Although the knightly orders, including the Brotherhood of the Horse, are not religious movements, the knights are taught to be faithful in the light. Those of great conviction and faith sometimes become true zealots in battle, fighting while ignoring all damages taken and becoming nearly unstoppable warriors.

Critical Strike: Being trained in the arts of war, it is natural to the Crusaders to understand the weaknesses of enemy warriors. When the opportunity arrives, a skilled Crusader can deliver terrible blows against the weak spot of a foe, causing much more damage than less precise strikes.

Zeal (Ultimate): In the heat of battle, it is easy to lose your mind and rage, tearing apart opponents. The most pious and trained Crusaders, however, can focus this rage through their faith, concentrating all their strength and becoming unstoppable. Some whisper that, in this state of furious devotion, the Crusader becomes the embodiment of the gods, and the Light itself protects him.

Special Artifact: The Lion Horn of Stormwind. Being one of Stormwind's defenders, Sir Lothar carries one of the legendary Lion Horns of Stormwind.

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Zion The Nethercaster


           Former apprentice of Nielas Aran, the aged Conjurer called Zion succeeded his master as the Court Conjurer of Stormwind. Although he is not the greatest of the Conjurers, Zion is open-minded and charismatic enough to have earned such a high position in the court. As all Conjurers, Zion is talented in summoning the elemental forces and the creatures of the land, but he earned his title of "The Nethercaster" due to his skills in summoning the forces of the spirit world. Contrary to necromancers, however, Zion does not commune with the souls of the dead or the demonic entities that dwell in the Twisting Nether. Instead, he deals with the blessed spirits of the Emerald Dream, the essence of the natural world.

           Due to its constant contact with the people and the court, Zion does not have the time he needs to further study his magical arts. However, this is compensated by his affinity with the Azerothien people. Most magic users are reclusive, sometimes cranky. This is not a characteristic of Zion.

           Zion recently began to sense a lingering darkness over the land. In the past three years, the weather and the moods of the Azerothien people have been changing for the worse. The land is sickened, as if a powerful, dark magic had been cast, cursing all Azeroth. He fears that this is just the beginning of something even darker that may come to his beloved homeland.

Class: Master Conjurer (Intelligence Hero)

Master Conjurer Skills:
Summon Bear:
By calling the energies of the Emerald Dream, Zion may summon an spiritual bear and link its essence to himself. The great bear is often used by  Zion to defend himself. Although Zion favors the wolf spirits more than bear spirits, he does respect the strength of the bear. Some say that the bear has healing powers, and Zion is interested in discover more about these gentle yet dangerous spirits of the Nether realms.

Summon Water Elemental: One of the greatest conjurer secrets, a Master Conjurer can summon the raging spirits of water, forming a watery body for them to manifest in the physical world. The raging elemental is loyal to the Conjurer who called him. Some whisper that other elementals, made of stone, fire or pure air, can be summoned as well. However, the Water has always been the favored element of the great Conjurers of Azeroth.

Feral Spirit: By calling the dead spirits of animals, a Conjurer may form a temporary body for them in the physical world. Each Master Conjurer have its own favored animal spirit. Zion has chosen the wolf as its symbol, and likes to summon the powerful spirit wolves to his aid whenever he needs protection.

Thunderstorm (Ultimate): A spell that only the greatest Conjurers may use, the magician calls all the fury of nature, summoning a great storm in a small region. The storm then channels bolts of lightning over targets in the affected area. These thunderbolts are so powerful that can harm even magic-imune beings. The energies hit only those the Conjurer wishes, leaving allies and the battleground unharmed, but do grievous wounds to all that the Conjurer disfavor. Some Conjurers say that an even more powerful version of this spell exists, but it costs the Conjurer's life in exchange for its use.

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Kilrogg Deadeye


           Leader of the Bleeding Hollow clan, the aged Kilrogg Deadeye still remember the placid times when the Horde was a shamanistic society. Now corrupted by the damned blood of Mannoroth, Kilrogg still clings to his old honor and secretly harbors what the Horde has become. His clan, one of the most powerful and ancient clans of Draenor, still follows his example, and its warriors are among the most honorable orcs. Even they are consumed by the lust for destruction and chaos, however, and as such revel in battle as much as the other clans.

           Kilrogg still hopes to somehow return to the shamanistic roots of the Horde, but he has no idea about how to do it. Kilrogg believes that if maybe a new, unspoiled land could be found, the orcs could try to once again live in harmony with nature and purify themselves...

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Cho'gall The Ogre-Mage


           During the Draenei Wars, Cho'gall's tribe of ogres allied itself with the Thunderlord clan of orcs. Soon, as the Draenei began to savagely retaliate the orc attacks, the clan Chieftains found the opportunity to drink the demonic blood of Mannoroth to strengthen themselves and receive demonic aid. Cho'gall, being an ally of the Thunderlords, also drank the blood. More than just give the extreme lust for destruction, however, the blood opened the mind of Cho'gall.

           Ogre-magi have always been rare things. Rare were the ogres with enough commitment to meditation, patience for study and the will for attunement between their two heads, and thus rare were those who could control the energies of magic. The blood of Mannoroth, however, represented a shortcut, a way for Cho'gall to reach attunement and strength of will enough to control the dark arts. Thus, he began his studies on the subject of warlock magic.

           It was by this time that Gul'dan discovered the ogre chieftain and made a propose for him: in exchange for knowledge and power, Cho'gall would serve Gul'dan and the Shadow Council. The burning blood running through Cho'gall's veins, added to his studies of the Dark Arts, made Cho'gall a true disciple of Chaos and Destruction. Believing that the Shadow Council would bring the apocalypse, Cho'gall willing accepted Gul'dan's proposal.

           When the Draenei Wars were about to end, Cho'gall turned his tribe into the Twilight's Hammer Clan. With the Shadow Council's aid, Cho'gall was able to bring many orcs to his banner. Many smaller clans soon joined the Twilight's Hammer, turning it into a huge force. The bloodlusted, frenzied orcs accepted easily Cho'gall's preachings about apocalypse, Oblivion and destruction. Thus was born one of the most destructive clans of orcs.

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Teron Gorefiend



           Teron Gorefiend's story has many similarities with Ur'aman's. Like Ur'aman, he was born in the Shadowmoon clan and had special talents that called the attention of Ner'zhul himself. Unlike Ur'aman, whose strength was awesome, it was the magical aptitude of Gorefiend that made him so special. Trained in both Shaman and Warlock magics, the young Gorefiend was a treasured ward for Ner'zhul. However, Gorefiend was too talented to not be perceived by Gul'dan.

           Gul'dan inducted Gorefiend in the Shadow Council, and the young Warlock quickly arose in position, until he became one of the masters of the sixth circle of the Shadow Council. Due to his proximity to Ner'zhul, Gorefiend was then instructed to watch over the aged Shaman. Through Gorefiend, the Shadow Council could exert its will inside the Shadowmoon clan.

           Gul'dan has greater plans for Gorefiend, however. Gorefiend has been training more and more Warlocks and corrupted Shamans, turning them loyal to the Shadow Council so that the Council can slowly take over the Shadowmoon clan. Should the need comes; Gul'dan will call Gorefiend and these group of loyal orc sorcerers, forming his own clan.

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           The son of late Court Conjurer Nielas Aran, Medivh ("Keeper of Secrets" in the language of the ancient elves) was born with an amazing talent for magic. Some Conjurers of Azeroth whisper that his mother was a powerful magician, whose ability was unmatched by even the greatest archmages from the distant nation of Dalaran.

           Medivh was born in the year 559. His mother disappeared soon after his birth, and Nielas Aran and his apprentices (among them Zion) were charged of raising the child. Despite the powers dormant within him, he was a normal, happy child, incredibly intelligent and very respectful. When his Age of Ascension came, however, a great tragedy befell upon Medivh and his father.

           In that day, in the year of 571, Medivh awoke at night, troubled by dark dreams, and searched for his father. When the might Conjurer tried to touch his fevered son, a burning fire ignited in the child's eyes, as all the power locked within him was unleashed. Many clerics sensed that power and came to Stormwind immediately. In the next hours, both father and son struggled to contain the energies that flowed through Medivh.

           Only with the help of the clerics, the energies were contained. However, the result of the magical conflict, both father and son fell to the ground. Nielas Aran, greatest among the Conjurers, was dead, drained of life, while his son entered a terrible state of death-slumber. The King, Wrynn III, and the Abbot of Northshire, Alonsus Faol, both agreed that Medivh should be brought to Northshire, where the boy could be treated, but also for the safety of both child and kingdom.

           Six years later, Medivh awoke from the death-slumber. Now a man, he seemed in control of his powers. In the day of the ascension cerimony of Prince Llane, son of Wrynn III, Medivh appeared once again in Stormwind to aknowledge the cerimony. Later, he moved to Karazhan, a great tower far at southeast of Stormwind.

           Very little is known about Medivh thereafter. No one knows his motives. He seems to be neutral, if not friendly, to Azeroth, and almost never leave his great tower. Some reclusive Conjurers believe he is one of the greatest mages of all time, despite his young age of 25 years. A few greater Conjurers, however, whisper that maybe Medivh is something more... or something less... than human...

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